Rehabilitation by means of wellness and massage is an important part of the health care for us. It is used to build and strengthen the body both preventively and after injury and/or disease.

Touch improves peoples health. In history, massage has been used as a medical art, and should you ever visit a Chinese, Indian or Tibetan doctor, it is likely that massage is on the recipe even today.

Acupressure originates in China and is one of the oldest healing methods in the world.

About massage

Massage is, by definition, systematic manipulation of soft tissues. We have been using massage for thousands of years for relaxation and promoting good health for both body and mind.



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About massage

Massage is, by definition, systematic manipulation of soft tissues. You have been using massage for thousands of years for relaxation and reproduction as well as promoting good health for both body and mind.

A massage can be very comfortable, comfortable and relaxing (half-body takes about 25 minutes and full body approximately 50). It can also be very specific and focused on dealing with particular problems. In fact, the most common causes of pain are muscle related. These are good at diagnosing and treating massage therapies.

Regular massage is effective against back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort and can also often be the key to treating headache, mood swings and sciatica. Even if you have no previous problems, massage is pre-build and it contributes to a general well-being.

Massage reduces stress as a result of mental and physical fatigue. Massage helps solve mental and physical tension as well as improves reaction times and productivity. Massage can also help improve cardiovascular effectiveness and immune system as well as significantly reduce recovery times after injury. Some of the benefits of massage are increased concentration, better posture and sleep. Massage can also reduce high blood pressure.


Natural medical samples with thousands of traditions. Nearly 2300 years ago, some of the human body parts were described in Yijing (The Yellow Emperor’s Medicine). Apart from what is said in this text, the Chinese, at that time, showed little interest in detailed knowledge of the body’s structure. Their medicine focused on invisible “chienergi” which was thought to flow through channels in the body, such as meridians. These helped to maintain the balance between Yin, cold and femininity as well as Yang, warmth and masculinity. In today’s Chinese acupuncture, needles are inserted into the meridians to restore the correct energy flow and balance between yin and yang.

What is massage?

  • How massage affects you physically
  • How massage affects you mentally
  • How massage affects you emotionally

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What is massage?

The secret of massage depends on a combination of pressure, rhythm and contact. Initially, you work with lighter pressures and gradually increase as the area is being processed. After the desired effect has been achieved, you return to a lighter pressure. In order for the effect of the massage to be maximum it is important that the hands are always flexible and follow the contours of the body. Likewise, it is important that the movement of the hands across the body’s parts is carried out smoothly, and that the contact is always maintained. The rhythm of the massage should resemble approximately the same rate as the recipient’s heart rate.

What is achieved with massage can be defined as pressure and strain on tissues, especially muscles, blood vessels and skin. This causes a variety of effects on the body.

How massage affects you physically

  • Your red blood cells increase gradually in number
  • Your blood circulation and lymph circulation will increase
  • Your blood volume and also the temperature in your muscles increases
  • Binding weave formation is counteracted
  • Your own body awareness increases
  • You get a deeper and easier breathing
  • You start using more capillaries
  • Your immune system is strengthened
  • Your muscles become smoother and more elastic
  • Your muscles and skin will have an increased nutritional uptake ability
  • Muscle atrophy at inactivity decreases
  • Has a calming effect on your nervous system and stress symptoms diminish
  • The secretion of fluid and slag products in your body increases
  • Your muscles get a better recovery ability

How massage affects you mentally:

  • You get an increased relaxation ability
  • You become more aware of your mind signals
  • Your knowledge about the connection between body and mind increases
  • Your mental stress decreases and you get a calmer mood

How massage affects you emotionally:

  • You satisfy your need for touch and consideration
  • You get a sense of well-being
  • You can easily process emotional worries and problems
  • You get a better ability to express yourself emotionally
  • You get the feeling of being a whole and in harmony

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How often should you get a massage?

Of course it’s all up to you. It is recommended that you come for the first time once a week and then once a month. Everything depends on how your body is feeling and what time it takes to balance it again.

Some word of warning

Massage can be very beneficial, but there are times when it should not be used. Active Friskvård does not provide massage to a person who has any of the following symptoms unless a doctor has given his permission:

  • An infection, an infectious disease or high fever
  • Acute back pain, especially if the pains radiate in the arms or legs when the back is massaged.
  • A skin infection, a bruising or an acute inflammation.
  • Blood clot or vein inflammation.