About Terry Daryan

I, who run Health & Beauty AB, Terry Daryan, is a certified acupressure and massage therapist, educated at Henri Swaving Institute in Stockholm, and has worked in Gothenburg since 1995.

My goal is to strengthen people’s health and well-being, creating the conditions for better future preparedness and higher quality of life.

The most important resource the company has is just you, as a person. My work is acting as a partner in a company integrated healthcare. All in order to strengthen employee health and well-being.

Tips & advice

  • Do not rush up in the morning
  • Breathe deeply five to ten times so that your lungs are filled with new oxygen and the lungs are cleansed.
  • Stretch out like a cat, make ten situps.
  • Bend your knees outward when lifting.
  • Go for a walk at least one hour each day and breathe deeply.
  • Sit or lie with your feet in hot water with sea salt or eucalyptus oil.
  • End each day with a hot bath. Pour 1 tablespoon of beneficial oil into the bath and let a lit candle be the only lighting so the relaxation will be total after a stressful day.
  • The body constantly needs new water so that not only old “sewage” rushes around the body. The teeth last longer if the saliva is “new” and by the fact that clean water is constantly rinsing the bowel, the breath becomes healthier.
  • To prevent a cold; squeeze / slice a whole garlic or ginger very well, mix with lemon and honey in a glass of hot water and drink.

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Here is a list of some of my references over the years.